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With fire safety at home and in the workplace being of utmost importance, almost every building requires some fireproof protection for timber and steel.

We can apply a large range of intumescent fireproof coatings for 1 & 2 hour rating in water-based or solvent based coatings for interior or exterior.

For timber we can apply a class ‘o’ fire rating in base coat paint, varnish and topcoats.

We can provide a fire certification for supply of materials.

Solvent based 1 & 2 hour fire coatings.

Waterbased 1 & 2 hour fire coatings.

Class ‘O’ varnish for timber.

Class ‘O’ base-coat and topcoat for timber in many colours.

Anti carbonation coatings for carparks.
Topcoat finishes for steel in all colours.